Based in New York, Durational Capital Management, LP is an investment firm that invests in high quality consumer companies.  Durational approaches its investments with a strategic mindset and focuses on driving long-term value creation through partnership with top tier management teams and actively supporting management to drive operational improvements. The firm was founded in 2017, and its investment professionals have extensive experience investing in the consumer sector.


With decades of experience in the consumer space and a vast network of executives and operators, Durational evaluates investments with an operational mindset. Operational optimization is often the primary source of value creation, not financial engineering (although it can be used to prudently enhance returns). Durational is often focused on the utilization of targeted data-driven decision making, algorithms and analytics to modernize companies and drive value.


Durational invests in businesses and management teams that are built to last. We approach investments with a strategic mindset and focus on building value for the long-term. We believe that the investment horizon should be dictated by the risk adjusted opportunity for value creation and look to remain invested in assets for a long duration.