Consumer | Concentrated | Strategic | Operational | Long-Term

The Durational team has significant consumer sector investing experience across a variety of segments, market cycles and geographies. The requisite investment threshold for Durational is high, as the team believes in making concentrated investments in businesses with an outsized opportunity for long-term growth and value creation.

The team utilizes:

  • Strong pattern recognition skills and an understanding of which subsegments of consumer have strong moats and competitive advantages to proprietarily and proactively generate ideas.
  • Non-linear analysis to identify changes in underlying trends and future unrealized opportunities.
  • Repeatable operational value creation playbooks.
  • A deep and varied operating executive network from some of the best-in-class global consumer companies.

Bojangles has significantly benefitted from Durational’s partnership, hands-on support and shared long-term vision. With the support and guidance of Durational, Bojangles is strategically investing for long-term growth and expansion. Durational’s partnership has been invaluable, and I look forward to leading our iconic brand through its next phase.

  • Jose Armario, CEO of Bojangles

Long-Term Horizon

The Firm believes that the operational strategy should not be constrained by typical time horizons, allowing for full value creation.

Consumer Investment Categorization

Tactical Investments

High-quality consumer companies

Significant growth profile with an attractive asymmetric return opportunity

Long hold periods (6+ years)

Strategic Investments

Foundational consumer asset(s) with strategic importance

Long-term secular growth dynamics with lower risk profile

Strategic hold period (10+ years)